With the Citan, AMAZONE provides a system that separates soil tillage from the sowing operation. In this way, the Citan, in working widths from 6 m to 15 m makes sure that you can achieve those optimum sowing dates.
Reduced soil compaction and an efficient sowing operation are important considerations in modern, close crop rotations. When carrying out soil tillage as a separate operation, the soil has time to settle ensuring a better seed/soil contact for an improved field emergence. With the 15 m Citan, acreage outputs of up to 15 ha/h are possible.
An additional aspect of winter crop establishment that some practitioners regard as positive: the coulters of the Citan move the minimum of soil so that the stimulation of new weeds (such as blackgrass) is kept to a minimum.
With operational speeds of up to 20 km/h, the Citan large area seed drill impresses with its high acreage outputs and perfect seed placement. The positioning of the seed hopper at the front on the drawbar transfers additional weight onto the tractor’s rear axle, improving traction.
The 3,000 l to 8,000 l seed hopper is easily accessible for filling from big bags, filling auger, front loader or transfer vehicles. The changeover from its compact 3 m transport width out to a 6 m or up to 15 m working width and the subsequent simple set-up in the field is carried out just as quickly.


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