The KW wedge ring roller leaves behind optimally reconsolidated strips into which the seed is then sown. 1/3 of the soil is reconsolidated in strips whereas 2/3 of the surface remain unrolled to evenly cover the seed with loose soil. Due to the highly reconsolidated strips the seedling is well provided with capillary water.

Heavy rain falls will then be taken up by the unrolled loose zones. The smooth running of the following coulter in the pre-rolled furrow results in an very even placement depth. This roller operates blockage free in wet conditions and yet intensively in dry conditions.

The wedge ring rollers with working widths of 2.50, 3.0, 4.0 and 4,50  are available with an outer diameter of 580 mm. Alternatively a smaller and somewhat lighter 520 mm diam. wedge ring roller in 3 metres working width is available.